No-BS Advice: Stop Trying to Lose Weight


No-BS Advice: This Is How You Kick Ass at Everyday Life


In the spirit of helping everyone reach their full kick-ass potential, I’ve decided to start a new blog feature called “No-BS Advice!” It’s similar to my Night Owl writing advice articles, but shorter and aimed at the epic battles we fight in everyday life.

To kick off the New Year, I’ll start with a piece of advice that’s particularly relevant: Stop trying to lose weight. Just stop it already.

Fat is not the enemy! The REAL enemy is our culture’s irrational hatred of fat. Being a size two or having rock-hard abs doesn’t mean you’re healthy, and not having those things doesn’t mean you’re not healthy.

Did you know 97% of people who lose weight via dieting end up gaining it all back? It’s not because all those people are weak-willed chocolate junkies. It’s because their bodies were like “WTF???” and violently protested by jacking up their appetites while lowing their metabolisms to get back to their normal weight.

We see people on television and think those actors are “healthy” weights. But the truth is there is no one-size-fits-all healthy weight, the same way describing how an “average person” looks is unlikely to be accurate for any individual. Everybody’s unique; there has literally been no other person exactly like you on earth. Trying to conform to some generic version of a “healthy weight” is a fool’s errand.

So start the New Year off right by saying “FUCK IT” to losing weight. Instead, focus on eating healthier, exercising more, and ridding yourself of bad habits. If you lose weight in the process, so be it. If not, then believe your body when it tells you you’re just the right size.


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