My Films

The harrowing story of a marriage in ruins after one man becomes obsessed with mountain biking on Buffalo Mountain. (…Okay really it’s the culmination of a video project for a Udemy University class on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, using a combination of original footage and practice footage taken completely out of context.) Produced in January 2021.
The Curse, a short horror film made with original footage. Produced in December 2020. Used as my graduate film school submission to Emerson College – ACCEPTED!
Pride Month tribute video, made with clips from the Simpsons, Udemy course footage, and a random video of oiled guys dancing around to Danger Zone. Made as practice for a Udemy Adobe Premiere course. Produced in June 2020.
Violet the Comedian, a short funny video of my young daughter telling “jokes.” Created as my first foray into video editing. Produced in October 2017.