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Here’s how to write a query and a synopsis, how to find an agent, and everything else that goes along with traditional publishing.

5 Reasons Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Query Literary Agents…And What You Should Do Instead

It’s the Wheel of Query Responses Lady again! I remember you. I hate you.

A few posts back, I answered the question of “Should I hire a professional editor before I self-publish my novel?” (TL;DR answer: probably not). In that post, I mentioned I was on the cusp of recommending writers not bother querying literary agents at all.

After years of personal experience in the self-publishing and traditional publishing worlds, and after hearing about other authors’ experiences, I’ve now officially reached that conclusion—don’t query literary agents. It’ll almost certainly be a negative return on your investment…[keep reading]

Prefer to self-publish…or perhaps it’s your only option? Here’s how to succeed when you’re on your own!

Do You Need A Professional Editor?

Okay, if your typos are as bad as they are in this pic, then you probably need an editor.

Say you’re finished writing a book—congrats! You’ve made a few editing passes through it, roped a few of your friends and relatives into reading it, gotten their feedback, and tweaked it into what you think is an acceptable form to show to the world at large. Maybe you’ve even queried a handful of literary agents and received either “Thanks but no thanks” rejections or (more likely) radio silence…[keep reading]

How to Self-Publish a Book

Greetings my dozens of fans!

(…Is it presumptuous of me to assume I have fans in the double digits?? Probably, but I feel like indulging my massive ego today!)

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been hard at work getting my next novel, The Colonel and Her Sergeant, ready for publication on June 14th. I’ll post more about my future Pulitzer Prize winner later…[keep reading]

Easily the worst part of publishing, I’m not gonna lie. Here are some tips on how to make it less of a chore.
…Oh, you want people to actually READ your book after you publish it? In that case, people need to know that you exist. Find out how to launch yourself into the public consciousness right here.
Get your hot iron ready and brand yourself! Learn how to tell the world who you are and get them excited about your existence.

4 Reasons Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Bother Writing Short Stories

I started my literary career writing short stories; thought that was my niche since I’ve got lots of ideas for which the short form is the perfect medium. Turns out short stories have their uses, but establishing your writing bona fides is not one of them.

I’ve written almost a dozen short stories and had most of them published. Here are some truisms/advice from someone who’s toiled in the trenches of the short story market…[read more]

If all of this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. And then after you’ve done all that work, get ready for lots and LOTS of rejection and heartbreak. It’s rough out there, babe. Read here for guidance on how to keep on keeping on.

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