NEW Film: Buffalo Mountain Ruined My Marriage

Just finished up my latest short film! This is my best one yet – I think I really sell Jennifer’s pain as she helplessly watches her husband become consumed by his obsession with mountain biking. Enjoy!

The harrowing story of a marriage in ruins after one man becomes obsessed with mountain biking on Buffalo Mountain.

(…Okay really it’s the culmination of a video project for a Udemy University class on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, using a combination of original footage and practice footage taken completely out of context.)

Film School in 30 Days

In only 30 days!! These dudes are psyched…they’re also not real, so take the whole “fast film school” thing with a grain of salt.

A YouTuber with a channel called D4Darious got me seriously thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could actually do this filmmaking thing. He has a video called How to Learn Filmmaking FAST! – Without Film School that got me started on filmmaking. I took notes that I could follow like a checklist: one step per day, for 30 days, is the equivalent of what you’ll learn in film school.

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The Very Basics of How to Make a Film

In 5 Easy* Steps! (*easy if you practice constantly)

I’ve been dabbling in film editing for a while but only recently decided to get serious about it, even going so far as to apply to film school! (As of the writing of this post, I still don’t know if I’ve been accepted to Emerson College in Boston; I’ll update later)

Though I’ve just begun learning with the goal to reach professional-level, I can tell you the very basics of what it takes because like most things in life, learning the basics of something isn’t that hard. It’s mastering those basics that’s the real challenge.

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The Problem With Star Trek: Discovery

Guess who’s the most important person in the universe?

As you probably know, I’m a huge Trekkie. Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) is one of my favorite series of all time. The TNG series finale is DEFINITELY my favorite series finale of all time—I dare you not to cry when the main cast all sit down to play poker for the last time! I’ve been lukewarm about the Star Trek series that came after—Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise—but I’m still in love with the Star Trek universe overall and its science-heavy storylines and themes of hope. So I was super excited when they announced a new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery. I even subscribed to CBS All Access so I could watch it!

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The Rise of Skywalker’s Critical Flaw: What Happens When You Mistake a Motif for a Theme

Well that sucked.

[Spoilers follow, but come on—who hasn’t seen this movie by now?]

So right about a year ago, I speculated on how The Rise of Skywalker would end based on the themes established in The Last Jedi. Something like Rey becoming her own person and Kylo Ren coming to peace with his light and dark sides. That’s sort of what happened, but anyone could have guessed that based on how all Star Wars movies usually go.

I’ve been trying to write this blog post for a while now – specifically, for about a year – but every time I did, it just turned into a bitch-fest about how much I hated the movie, and then I lost interest and stopped writing. I mean this movie’s already been torn to shreds by basically everybody, AND it’s now almost a year old, so why waste my time piling on?

But after ten months of reflection, I finally feel like I do have something to add to the conversation; specifically, what happens when you mistake a motif for a theme (…spoiler: The Rise of Skywalker happens).

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Current Status and Future Plans

My eldest daughter taunting her dad during a game of Jenga,…which she eventually just kicks over. What we do in quarantine.

Greetings all! I’m back from another one of my periodic long absences with some good news: I finally finished the first draft of my latest mystery novel, Identity! Now I need to do a couple rounds of edits, slap together a query letter and synopsis, and then send it out to a few agents (per my own advice) and see if I get any bites.

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Another Way to Tell a Story: Sociological vs Psychological Storytelling

On the occasion of the largest pandemic in a century, you might’ve watched or re-watched Contagion, a star-studded 2011 movie directed by Steven Soderbergh about a deadly virus originating from China that sweeps the globe. The film is currently having a renaissance on Netflix due to its striking similarities to real-world events, though its more cerebral and realistic take on a world-wide pandemic resigned it to an underwhelming box office haul upon its originally release in theaters.

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Self-Care: 6 Steps to A Better Writing You!

This is me like every day at work. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, I’m still going to work.

Self-care is something we could all stand to get better about. At the risk of dating this post, when there’s a pandemic happening and some leaders seems totally unequipped to handle a real-life crisis, you gotta take shit into your own hands, you know what I’m sayin’?

I’ve always been one of those people you want to be with when the ship is sinking: I will make sure we LIVE, GODDAMMIT!! I’ll find a way. Leadership can’t make a decision? Screw that. I’m the captain now.

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