Last Time on The Red Election (summary of Part 3)

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Last Time on The Red Election (summary of Part 3):

Cora struggles to come up with a dance routine for cheerleading tryouts. She tells her sister that she wants to join the cheer squad because she has a crush on Quentin and wants to impress him. She also says that Quentin is spending time with her because he made a bet with his friends. Amanda doesn’t believe Cora, but her dislike for “frenemy” Aubrey—Quentin’s girlfriend—convinces her to help Cora.

Later, Cora and Quentin work on a campaign strategy and put together some flyers. Cora gets a text from their mystery-texter (she now calls him/her “MT”) that says, “They know you’re here.” After some back-and-forth, Cora and Quentin figure out that “they” is the government, and that they should act as normal as possible to avoid detection.

As part of their strategy to act as normal as possible, Cora goes to a gaming night at Sonica’s house, where a group of her nerd friends are playing Dungeons & Dragons. Sonica asks her why she’s been acting so weird lately; Cora makes up some excuse about her and Quentin working on a hospital-related community project together (since Quentin’s parents and Cora’s mom work at the same hospital). Nick—teenaged Cora’s crush—is there, and she asks him out in the spirit of acting normal; he says yes.

At school, Cora tries out for the cheerleading squad, with Madison as one of the judges. She does well. Later, she’s accosted by a concerned teacher, Mr. Turner.

But is he really an overeager math professor, or a government plant trying to ferret her and Quentin out?



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