Last Time on The Red Election (summary of Part 1)

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Last Time on The Red Election (summary of Part 1):

In the year 2045, Cora Johnson (call-sign “Whip,” also known as “Butcher” for her brutally effective tactics) is the 47-year-old leader of an elite Special Forces squad nicknamed the Cattlemen. Fighting for the government in the second US Civil War, her team struck into the heart of Rebel territory—the Pacific Northwest—to destroy a weapons facility responsible for making temporal bombs, powerful weapons based off top secret technology capable of wiping an enemy literally out of existence.

The attack against the weapons facility doesn’t go as planned, and one of the bombs accidentally goes off—and teleports Cora back in time, into her seventeen-year-old body in the year 2015.

Not only is Cora suddenly forced to navigate high school as an uncool nerd all over again, she’s also lost a significant chunk of her memory—specifically, everything prior to the last three years of her life as she knew it.

As Cora stumbles through the most awkward day of high school ever, she’s shocked to discover that the most popular boy in school, Quentin Rose, is also an accidental tourist from the future. She swears he’s the Cattlemen’s tech expert whom she only knew by his call-sign, Cog, though he denies it in the most humiliating way possible.

Just when Cora starts to prefer warfare to high school, she gets a mysterious text on her cell phone, claiming the classmate she knows as Madison Spears will become President Madison Horvath, the woman responsible for the bloody civil war that will tear the country apart.

And the final text? It reads: Kill her.



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