Character Portrait: Simon and Lydia

*WARNING: This post contains mild spoilers for people who haven’t read Vengeance or Retribution yet*

Full Name: Simon and Lydia Carressa

Occupation: Children

Gender: Male & Female

Sexual Orientation: TBD

Hair: Blond (Simon), Black (Lydia)

Eyes: Hazel (Simon), Blue (Lydia)

Height: ~3′ 4″

Weight: ~40 lbs each

Hobbies: Reading, coloring, interpreting the secrets of the universe through a five-year-old’s POV

Background: Lydia and Simon are the fraternal twin children of Max and Val, born about a year after the couple was married in Fiji. Their parents shower them with love, trying to ensure they have the happy childhoods that neither Max nor Val had growing up. They both inherited their father’s genius-level intelligence, their mother’s grit – and their parents’ strange ability.

Beneath the Surface: Though the children are unusually bright, they’ve also been gifted – or cursed – with the ability to see multiple versions of the future at will, which makes them seem even smarter than they actually are. They’re both extremely rare Alpha seers, like Cassandra, and the reason Max and Val were brought together to begin with. As such, Northwalk will do anything to get their hands on these special children.

Appears in: Reckoning


3 thoughts on “Character Portrait: Simon and Lydia

    • Good! They’re not plot moppets. The twins are strange and unique, but they still act (mostly) like real kids. I have two daughters who are so close in age they’re practically twins (14 mos apart), so I know how it goes, though as far as I can tell my kids don’t have any special powers…yet. Except maybe turning a tidy house into a war zone in the blink of an eye.

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