Making a Book Trailer

Me…                                                        You!

I decided it might be fun to make a book trailer. All the trailers I looked up as research seemed fairly lame and generic, involving pictures of hot guys, hot chicks, and sometimes flowers fading in and out (not that pics of hot guys are bad…they just don’t inspire me to buy a book, cuz let’s face it—sweaty washboard abs on the covers of romance novels are a dime a dozen). Instrumental music plays as cursive words float across the screen to the effect of, “He/she’s been burned by love. Will he/she ever love again?” etc. (Spoiler – yes, they will love again)

I…probably can’t do any better, but since my back-up life plan is to become a film director if this author thing doesn’t work out, I thought it’d be fun to try. I’ve got a video camera (even my phone would work), a computer, and working knowledge of story arcs. All I need now is video editing software, like Adobe Premier, and some friends willing to act for a free lunch, and I’m golden!

I had this idea to try something different with my book video. Instead of playing up the “what” of the book, I’ll try emphasizing how my book fits into a reader’s identity – the “why.” Per Simon Sinek, this is a winning strategy. Of course, I need to keep it short and as inexpensive as possible, ideally costing zero dollars.

After thinking about it for a while, I came up with my first commercial. I storyboarded it and everything! Check it out:

It’s practically Monet. …Don’t judge me.

It probably won’t end up exactly like this, but something close to this. On a related note, I’m trying to teach myself how to draw, so when I do this in the future it won’t be terrible stick figures:

I’m very proud of my animal drawings, including this bull. It might be my greatest life accomplishment, as you can tell from the look on my face.

Here’s my foolproof plan:

1. Get an idea for a book trailer (check)
2. Sketch out this idea via a storyboard (check)
3. Practice using Adobe Premier by recording footage of some random stuff and editing it
4. After achieving decent proficiency with Adobe Premier, enlist friends to be in my video
5. Record my video
6. Splice it into the trailer
7. Release trailer on YouTube
8. Get a billion hits, become viral sensation

It’s just that easy. I may try my hand at creating other videos of increasing complexity, possibly fake commercials, and working my way up to a short movie. In fact, I’ve already got an idea for a movie…but I’ll save that for another post.

I shall keep you all abreast of my progress, loyal fans!!!


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