Finishing Battlefield High

I’ve finished my last edit of Battlefield High – formerly known as The Red Election – which will soon be circulated amongst publishers for a fierce bidding war, I’m sure. I basically added a bunch of smaller “character moments” to slow down the relentless pace a bit and flesh out some secondary characters. My future editor will probably want me to cut it all out, cuz that’s the way the biz works.

You think you’ve written a masterpiece, and a professional killjoy (I mean that in the most loving way) sends you a multi-page critique going into extreme detail on how it’s all crap. Then, after I’m done wallowing in self-pity and my serotonin levels rebound, I’ll get to editing it again, and then again, and then probably¬†again, until it’s as good as it’s ever going to get, for better or worse.

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