Writing Advice: The Most Misunderstood “Rules” of Writing, Part 1 – Show, Don’t Tell

I’m generally of a mind that rules are lame. You don’t know how much trouble I’ve ended up in because of this attitude, being a military member and all. Example:

Me: Why can’t I put my hands in the pockets of my uniform? It’s winter and it’s cold.

Severe-Looking Instructor: Because it’s unprofessional.

Me: Frostbite is also unprofessional.

Severe-Looking Instructor: Drop and give me twenty.

I understand you can’t have a functioning society without rules. My beef is that many rules are arbitrary or unnecessary, or were made because one jerk screwed it up for everybody else, like the guy caught playing pocket pool in front of the general (and now my hands are forever cold, thanks asshole)…

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