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The Colonel and Her Sergeant Cover Reveal and Release Date!

Coming on June 14th 2019!

Through the din of the military ball, Colonel Anna Archer heard him laughing. Turning, she saw a tall young man with olive skin, black hair slicked back into one thick wave to stay within Air Force regulation, service dress cutting his torso into a sharp inverted-A. Chatting with a group of friends, he laughed every time one of them told a joke—young people.

An enlisted man. She turned away…

From the moment she saw the young, dashing Sergeant Victor Shamrock, Anna knew she wanted him—and that desire would be the end of her. For in her position as a colonel—a rocket launch commander, no less—romantic relationships with lower-ranking soldiers are strictly forbidden.

But when she’s passed over for a promotion in favor of a man with less experience, Anna begins to question the military culture she dedicated her life to. She made her career by conforming to a man’s world, by suppressing her feelings—by denying her womanhood. In a painful reality check, she realizes it wasn’t enough.

Now she can’t deny who she is anymore—a woman who aches for love, no matter the cost.

The Colonel and Her Sergeant is an epic story about all the ways love can hurt and heal us, trying to reach for the stars in a world holding you back, and finding the strength within to rise from the ashes of tragedy.


Please Excuse The Mess

This little guy is working super hard over here!

Greetings all my One True Fans! (it’s like being the One True King from King Arthur, but with better benefits like free books and not being killed in a holy war)

I had to change my website theme recently due to my previous theme becoming obsolete and unsupported with the latest WordPress update, so now the formatting is a bit screwed up. So I apologize to all you poor souls who might click on a link and be despondent to find it goes nowhere, or be confused by a strange color scheme or weirdly formatted or outdated text. I promise I’m fixing it! …Specifically, I’m harassing my IT department – aka my husband – to please fix it asap. Thanks for your patience!

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Where Have All The Blogs Gone?

Someone asked me recently why I haven’t blogged in a while, to which I replied, “You read my blog???”

…Which is why I don’t blog more.

A few years ago, while I was investigating other author’s websites to emulate, I was surprised to see very few regularly blogged, and most only did so in conjunction with a new release or event promo. I remember thinking this was lame.

But now I know why. You see, there are only so many hours in the day. When you work a full-time job, are contractually obligated to stay ingood shape, need to spend time with the kids/spouse so they don’t leave you cats-in-the-cradle-style, plus friends, plus eating/sleeping/hygiene, etc. …you get the picture…then you need to be ruthless about how you spend that tiny sliver of writing time. So every day I ask myself—what’s value-added? What’s a positive return-on-investment of my time, and what’s not?

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