Make Your Own Romantic Suspense Mad Libs!

(This post was first published on the Just Romantic Suspense blog as part of my RECKONING blog tour)

Have you always dreamed about writing your own romantic suspense story? Well now you can!

In fact, it’s really not that hard. Here’s a plot line generator that any aspiring author can use to write their own bestseller:

Step 1 – Fill in the following info:

  1. Precious stone
  2. Profession
  3. Number greater than 1
  4. Animal
  5. Relative
  6. Verb ending in -ing
  7. Ominous-sounding name
  8. Manly name that can be shortened to something even manlier
  9. Pick one: Navy Seal/Marine/Special Forces Soldier
  10. Profession
  11. Liquid
  12. Vice ending in -ing
  13. Noun
  14. Shortened version of [8]
  15. Body part
  16. Display of affection
  17. Body part
  18. City
  19. Body part
  20. Pick one: been burned by/not ready for/not deserving of
  21. Verb ending in -ing
  22. Noun
  23. Body part
  24. Meat item
  25. Flower
  26. Body part
  27. Famous person
  28. Relative
  29. Reasons
  30. Noun

Step 2 – Insert answers into this plotline:

TRIGGER WARNING for [4]s, [12], and [27]

[1] is a [2] taking care of [3] [4]s by herself after her [5] died in a tragic [6] accident. Though she’s lonely, she’s accepted her sad life as an unavoidable price she must pay in order to stay safe from [7], who she’s sure is responsible for her [5]’s death even if the police don’t believe her…

[8], an ex-[9], is a [10] battling inner demons after his partner died on a botched raid on [7]’s hideout three years ago. One day, he wakes up in a pool of his own [11] after another hard night of [12] to discover a mysterious message on his [13] from one of his old squadmates: “[7] is coming for [1]. Protect her!” What could it mean?? [14] has no idea who [1] is, but he can’t pass up the opportunity to face his old nemesis, so he tracks her down.

When [14] shows up on [1]’s doorstep with the most spectacular [15] she’s ever seen, as well as a warning that [7] is coming for her, she doesn’t know whether to run from him or [16] him. Despite how he makes her [17] tingle, she can take care of herself, thank you very much! However, when her house mysteriously catches fire, and she and her [4]s barely make it out alive, she admits she has no choice but to go into hiding with [14] while he figures out how to stop [7].

On the run together, [14] forms a plan to confront [7] at his secret hideout in [18]. Despite being constantly distracted by [1]’s luscious [19], he knows he needs to keep his mind on the mission. Besides, why would anyone want him? He’s [20] love.

After teaching [1]’s [4]s the deadly art of [21] to protect [1] while he’s gone, [14] goes to [18] to confront [7]. But it’s a trap! [14] is badly hurt by a vicious [22], but manages to escape.

When [14] returns to [1], she patches up his [23] with such care that [14] cannot deny his attraction to her any longer. [1] admits she feels the same, and since her [4]s are conveniently somewhere else at the moment, he unsheathes his [24], and makes sweet, sweet love to her perfect [25].

Suddenly, [7] shows up! He put a homing beacon in [14]’s [26], knowing [14] would lead him to [1]. [7] then rips off an amazingly life-like mask to reveal he’s really [27], who is also [1]’s [28]. He’s always hated [1] for [29], and wants her dead. No one can stand in his way now – except [14]!

Unfortunately for [27], [14] is now filled with the vigor and energy only sexual healing can provide, and he uses his [30] to defeat [27] and save the day!

Now that [1] is safe and [14] has learned how to love again, they live happily ever after with [1]’s now-deadly [4]s, who [14] loves as his own. The end!


See? It’s just that simple. Change the pronouns for an LGBTQ angle, throw in some kinky sex scenes for an erotic edge if you want, or add some animal shape-shifting/vampires/werewolves/etc. for a paranormal twist. The possibilities are endless!


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