Getting Ready for the Romance Writers of America Conference Next Week!

I’m super excited to be going to the RWA annual conference next week! It’ll be just me and the hubby – NO KIDS!!! – at the Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando for about a week. I’m hoping to network, meet interesting people and make lots of connections, etc.

VENGEANCE is also a finalist in the Passionate Plume contest, put on by Passionate Ink! They’re announcing the winners at a dinner during the conference, so I plan on getting drunk and having a good time whether or not I win. I’ll probably embarrass myself, because that’s what I do best! I always try to remind myself that contests aren’t super important; they’re based off a few people’s personal opinions. And let’s face it – my stuff can be weird, and doesn’t perfectly fit into any one category of romance.

But whatever. Here’s to a drunken, half-naked, helluvah good time!


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