Current Status and Future Plans

My eldest daughter taunting her dad during a game of Jenga,…which she eventually just kicks over. What we do in quarantine.

Greetings all! I’m back from another one of my periodic long absences with some good news: I finally finished the first draft of my latest mystery novel, Identity! Now I need to do a couple rounds of edits, slap together a query letter and synopsis, and then send it out to a few agents (per my own advice) and see if I get any bites.

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Where’d You Go, Shana?

For all of you in a funk, watch this show.

Hi there, awesome people! Sorry I’ve been silent for a while, for everyone who cares (all half dozen of you—the best of you! And Mom…hi, Mom). I moved from Boston to Colorado Springs in July for a new job, and the move did not go smoothly. Then the new job I started did not go smooth either, and then I thought again about retiring early but decided (again) that wasn’t a feasible option, and spent a few weeks in mental turmoil over the situation. Then at work we started getting inundated with suicide awareness stuff due to an increase in military suicides, even though it’s well known none of this “awareness” actually does anything to lower the rate, and my cortisol levels ratcheted up even further. What hilarious irony.

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