Book Trailer to Rock World Coming

I’ve been watching other authors’ frankly shitty-ass book trailers and decided I can do better.

Do these things actually sell books? I suspect not, but since I aspire to be a big Hollywood film director if this writing stuff doesn’t work out–gotta be realistic, after all–I thought I’d try my hand at it. After sampling a bunch, I realized they all suffer from the same problem of just showing people the book rather than convincing them why they need this book in their lives. As Simon Sinek says, you have to start with why, then work your way out to the actual thing you’re offering.

I want to convince my readers they’re the kinds of people who read my book–mainly, kick-ass women. How will I do this? By showing other kick-ass women reading my book.

Will it work? …I dunno. But it’ll be fun to try. Anticipate a kick-ass book trailer for the Valentine Shepherd series in May 2017!


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