Zora Lang – Mystery Author

Introducing Zora Lang, My Mystery Author Alter Ego

Zora Lang is the pen name Shana Figueroa uses for her mystery novels, including the upcoming contemporary mystery Identity (…working title; final title pending).

Identity is the first novel in a series centered on amnesiac mystery novelist April Harlow and the quaint Maine town of Friendship Cove where she lives and draws inspiration for her stories. April used to be a successful murder mystery author, until a car accident wiped away her memory. Now she’s trying to adjust to her old life, including Old April’s secrets—secrets that hint at a real-life murder. But when she realizes practically everybody in “sleepy” Friendship Cove is hiding a dark secret, who’s to say what’s real and what’s fiction?
And when April discovers she has a nasty temper she struggles to control, she’s forced to look in the mirror and ask the old and new versions of herself: Are you capable of murder?

Zora Lang loves a good mystery, especially a story with an intricate plot that comes together like a Swiss watch at the end. She specializes in contemporary mysteries with unforgettable characters battling dark forces with even darker humor.